Coffee Filter Dispenser

Awhile back I bought a box of basket coffee filters that the top had a tab with some kind of sticky tape on it that when you pushed it against the filters it would pull one filter out at a time.  Cannot find these boxed filters anymore and mine has worn out.  Anyone have an idea on how to make one of these or something like it. Thanks

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MikeH4521 year ago

The sticky stuff on the end is Funtack,it is used in art projects or any place you need a removeble adhesive. The filter dispensers are often found on RV websites and are made by Camco

I have the exact filter dispenser that you're talking about. I picked it up at a garage sale, (still in package) so i have no idea where it came from. I've been trying to find another one also because i don't have the adhesive to it anymore. I've tried silly putty, clay, tacky putty but nothing works. Don't know what that stuff was that stuck to the filter and pulled it loose.

violin4two4 years ago
Miles Kimball has coffee filter tongs. I think it's what you are looking for. They are only $3.99 a pair. Here is the link:
This reminded me of something I had years ago. I bought a box of filters and it came with a littleplastic tong thing that had a white rubbery tips. You grabbed the filter with the tongs and it gripped one filter at a time. Used that thing for years then it disapeared and I never seen another one. You could probably use a pencil eraser to the same effect, but who thinks about looking for a pencil when making coffee at 4am? Try it and see if you don't keep a pencil in your filter box.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I don't think that just a sticky substance will work... and anyone who's fought with a tightly packed stack of filters knows that they are a pain to separate. That being said, I think that a sticky area would lift the filters, but may just lift the whole stack versus just a single filter; so the design of the dispenser would be the key in having this work (unless you had to buy special filters that just weren't stuck together as the typical ones are). 

The only coffee filter dispenser that I know of is this. If you can elaborate on the function/design of the one you had/have, it might spark some ideas...

The only other thing I can toss in as an idea is simply buying a permanent filter for your coffee maker. That's what I did a while ago, and haven't been disappointed with the result. Sometimes there's a little extra coffee "silt" in the last cup of the pot, but it really depends on the brand of coffee you use also.
Burf5 years ago
Use sticky, candle beeswax, the roll up kind, available at candle making and craft stores or magician's wax.