Coin cell battery holders?

All right you geniuses - I have yet to find an easy and elegant way to make battery holders for coin cells. The little buggers just slide around in anything I've tried to rig up. I've also searched high and low for commercially made battery holders. Obviously I'm not being creative enough, and I'm looking for something more sophisticated than tape. Bring it on!

alexander.m8 years ago
you could go to or if you want to make something your self then I suggest that you take two regular coins or a washers then drill five holes in them. In one of the holes place a weir through and solder it. for the other four use a rubber band to fasten the washers. last place a penny on the negative side to rase it and stop a short circuit. the advantage of this is that you can easily change it an you can stake servile cells, just be sure you don't short circuit
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brandegor (author)  alexander.m8 years ago
Truly awesome design - thank you!