Coin sorter, how to get a coin to trigger a sensor (buttons)?

Hey people! So I am making a project, it count's coins via arduino. So I need a way the coin can touch a button or some sort so it can trigger a the code in the arduino. See, the arduino has 4 buttons each one is a value to a coin, in the real world (physical project) there is a coin which falls from a sort o slot. It falls straight. The question here is, how to trigger a type of switch, button, tab with only the force of the coin. Any ideas for buttons or tabs or switches or metal contacts please, thank you. Some kind of easy input sensor (maybe light sensor?) It has to be cheap and it has to be small.

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iceng4 years ago
See this optical light path led slot interrupter..

Coin blocks the light path giving a momentary high to your micro.

HavocRC4 years ago
I was just thinking about using a LED and a light sensor for it. You could make cardboard separators with an LED and a LDR on each end. Then when the coin fell through, some of the cardboard sections would be be dark, and you could have Arduino recognize that.

Yeah I was going to make one of these some time, but never got around to it. Hope that helped.

TobaTobias (author)  HavocRC4 years ago
True, this is a good Idea, do you think I'd have to program it or just make a little circuit for each coin slot?
Oh just throw an Arduino in there. It would be soo hard to make a circuit that can count multiple things without a micro controller.
Good luck!
RavensCraft4 years ago
Perhaps a photo-transistor optical interrupter switch will work.You could recess it so the coin will roll right through it.
TobaTobias (author)  RavensCraft4 years ago
Great idea! I don't have the time to buy this. But great for an upcoming project. I'll try to make one.
Get a coin acceptor that can be connected to the Arduino. Like this one. 

Check out the video on the page. It demos a project using there single coin acceptor and an arduino. 
TobaTobias (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
This is good, but i'm trying to DIY it.