Coleman car Jumpstarter charger wallmart voltage ?

I have the circuit out of one of these , I see that it can charge a 12v 7.5 amp sla, what is the voltage of ne of these that wallmart connects to the charging circuit
model PMJ8160 Coleman
thanks, if no reply I will try a 12v 500 ma wallmart as this curcuit has a lm324n which boosts voltage to i think 13.5 etc.
thanks all.

Picture of Coleman car Jumpstarter charger wallmart voltage ?
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An LM324 can't boost any voltage ! Guess that the charger input is ~14-15V
celalboz (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thank you kindly for prompt reply, I will use several power diodes in series to reduce my laptop Brick to 15v for safe charging.
Measure the volts on the battery. It should be around 14 when its charging.
celalboz (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
thanks I've just tested the series of diodes with a laptop brick and got, 15 exactly and 1.5 amp on the input, I will see the charging voltage after returning from my winter bunker in two days. thanks for your fallow-up.
zk1716904794 years ago
I am also very interested on this