Come there a moderator for this place? Workshop is filling with crap articles this week.


This week has had horrible articles that don't belong in Workshop, but now it is a genocide article? Need some moderation, or at least moving things to where they belong...

Kiteman4 years ago
The article you refer to is gone already.

The moderation on this site is reactive - if nobody reports a posting, it stays visible. The community-monitoring works (compare the comments on an instructable to the comments on a YouTube video), but things someyimes take time to disappear properly.

If, by "horrible articles", you mean badly written, or poorly photographed, that is part of what the site is about - very few people start with perfection, but in the welcoming, inclusive, and constructively-supportive community that is Instructables, these inexperienced authors get better with evety project (my own first instructable didn't even have pictures!).

We also have a growing number of members who speak English as a second language, or not at all, but put in a lot of effort to translate their work so that more people can read it. This inevitably results in odd grammar, or peculiar word-usage, of which we should be tolerant.

Oh, and if you're just unhappy because projects are in the wrong category, there is a flag option that asks for the project to be re-categorised.

jkingsbury (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Thanks for putting the time into the response. I wouldn't call a poorly written article "horrible" if it belonged in the section. More or less, it's been a lot of things that could better be placed in outdoors or life...or poorly explained. Maybe I have no room to talk since I don't have anything to show, which I'm hoping to correct soon.
As I said, there's a flag option for mis-categorised projects.

(Projects coming? Cool!)
crazyg4 years ago
Tenuous link but,is anyone moderating the lomography contest applicants,5 entrees and13 days to go,mine has not been let in yet, its been 2 or days waiting .