Command Problems! Windows 98, and MS-DOS.

What is MS-DOS? I seem to have it as a "replace" for Command Prompt. Why can't I get Command Prompt?

orksecurity4 years ago
MS-DOS is the original non-Windows operating system which is running under Windows 98. Any command line in Win98 runs through the MS-DOS command line processor.

So I'm not sure why you're confused... unless you're thinking that Win98 is part of the Windows NT/XP/2K family. It isn't, really.
TheBatchies4 years ago
Uh... I'm pretty sure they're the same thing, but I could be wrong.
g-one4 years ago
I'm not sure whats your problem. But this two different things could contain the answer:

1st - Win 98 doesn't have "cmd.exe". All Win versions before NT have only "" as command line interpreter.

2nd - Maybe it seems to you like DOS because you opened in full-screen-mode. You can switch to a window using [Alt]+[Enter].
XOIIO4 years ago
Not sure, but I've had that problem with windows 95. This might help and maybe this.

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