Comment on just tying a Knot?

I am surprised you mainly suggest just tying a knot rather than your third way of making a tiny stitch first. I find the knot is almost the same size as the hole made by the needle and double thread, and thus it is easy for the knot to be pulled through the fabric. What do you think?

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jessyratfink8 months ago

If you make a knot at the end of the thread the way I recommend in Lesson 2, that will create a nice big knot that will stay in place and not pull through. (As long as your fabric is not a very open weave - if it is, the knotless knot is a good idea!)

In my experience, as long as you're gentle pulling the first few stitches through, you won't pull the knot through and the stitches will anchor the knot a bit.

Not bad, thanks a lot for the answer)

PattyP178 months ago

No offense to the instructor, but yes, I agree. If that coarse fabric was going to be made into an item of clothing, that knot would pull right through the fabric weave and the seam would have to be resewn. I was taught at the end of a seam to take a teeny stitch into the fabric and back out, near the last stitch running down the seam. Slide the needle under that last regular seam stitch and pull snug. Run your needle under the same stitch again, and before pulling snug, put the needle through the loop formed by the thread. Pull your thread loop snug, taking car to not pull on the flat stitching of the seam. Put your fingers tight on top of the knot and give a little further tug. That will not unravel or come out.

IvliaB PattyP174 months ago

That's the way I was taught as well. As I make a lot of my clothes by using running stitch I often find that starting off a seam this way, even after knotting the end of the cotton, helps as well because any strain on the fabric and the knot can pull through the material.

Patty - I actually cover that knotless "knot" in the class, it's just not the most common one I use. I never hand sew clothing, for example, so normally the seams of things I make aren't under that much stress.

jessyratfink, my apologies. I realized my mistake but could not find any sort of edit tool to delete my comment.