Commodore 64 to a monitor ?

How can I connect a Commodore 64 to a PC monitor, so I can get a sharp display ?

Foxboy7 years ago
I don't believe it would be very easy to connect a C64 to a PC monitor, however, you can get a much sharper display than the RF out by making a simple composite cable from an old midi cable and the pinout for the connector.
kelseymh8 years ago
Did you try using Google? "commodore 64 video output" gives pages and pages of useful information. Maybe you should read them?
and7barton (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Just tried it - it came up with only two entries and one of those was THIS one. The other was also a forum where someone had asked a similar question and got only one answer which wasn't helpful.
Right. So you didn't actually try it. Here's the screen capture from Google using exactly the search I quoted above (and for which I provided you the link, so you didn't even have to use your brain). Try again, then come back and tell me what is or isn't helpful.