Common causes for the CLOSE/EJECT function of a DVD player to fail? Cures for my PHILIPS DVP640K @ a disk stuck in!

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Acepilot427 years ago
press the buton-do you hear the motor spin? if so, your belt broke. if the motor is not spinning, i cant help you.
komo.tan (author)  Acepilot427 years ago
Yeah, you were correct. Motor had packed up. Sent to shop. Got a replacement motor. Cost almost as much as a new player though. Thank you all the same for the pointerand sorry for the late reply.
ok ;)
jeff-o7 years ago
Neither the button on the player nor the one on the remote work?  Does it make a sound at all?  Does the disc play at all?

The disc might be wedged - perhaps a few good whacks will loosen it.
Burf7 years ago
There is a slight possibility it could be a driver error, but most likely, its a mechanical failure in the DVD drive. Yank it out and replace it, its cheaper than trying to repair.
If you have a disk stuck in the tray, look closely at the face of the drive. You should see a small hole about the diameter of a paper clip just under the disk tray. Straighten the paper clip and push it in the hole. When you feel some resistance keep pushing and it should open the tray.