Complex whirligig?

I want to build a 7 propellor whirligig, but theres one catch. Each propeller sopins in the opposite direction from the one before it.Simple enough, Except for one catch. I want all of the propellers to be conected to a central shaft. I think I've figured a way to do it , but it may not be the most efficient way. If you don't have an idea for how to get it done, here is another question.The way I've figured, the propellors "float" abover the gears, but that way they will fall off. Any ideas for securing the propellors for minimum friction?

This should work if the load on your fans is not so high that the magnets slip. (You could add more if necessary). The only other thing is that the outer tube can't be conductive or it will shield the magnets and the ones on the fan will not follow the ones embedded in the inner rod.
counter rotating fan 2.pngcounter rotating fan 1.png
Re-design6 years ago
Each prop. that is to spin has a bearing. The shaft is threaded end to end (available at the hardware store) each prop is separated by a nut and a washer. The props that are to turn the shaft have a nut in front and back tightened down to lock them in place.

Does that make sense?

They may not need bearings.

What gears is this that you speak of in your post???
I'd add that if the props are coupled to the shaft via gears rather than directly, it's easy to have different props turning in different directions.
Kiteman6 years ago
Have you got a sketch of your ideas? Your questions will be a lot easier to answer if you have.