Complicated issue in ms excel

I have a problem in Excel 2007 on my pc in office. It happened only 2 days ago. I forgot to prepare backup. I’ve no any great idea how to solve it.

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If nothing helps you, including detailed guide below, then use powerful
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You may read a lot of useful info on this blog:

MS article, which helps with problem -

By waiting for the usual spam to appear or by using software that is not totally outdated.
Not sure if you noticed but after a whole decade software tends to be obsolete in most cases ;)


What terrifies me is sadw (software) that is only available for a weekly price on the cloud... Hating the future of it :-P

Couldn't say any better :(
Back in the old days "software" was optimised and fixed until it was usable, now the user does all testing and error reporting - while paying a premium for an uncomplete product.
A lot of things don't even work without being online, everyone want to go cloud based because it is soooo much better.
Fun fact though: The same people saying cloud is best are those who were not even born when I started with computers ROFL

hmm interesting) maybe you can add any other details?

what is the issue???