Compressing hydrogen?

I have a hydrogen generator and use the gas as i make it at the moment. I want to try compressing it, the issue is the gas is really a combination of pure oxygen and hydrogen in the perfect explosive mix. If i have flame aresters on all my pipes and have it well earthed as well as not using steel parts in the compressor so there is no chance of static or sparks from steel, will it be relatively safe to try compressing this into a cylinder? or am i insane to try this???

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Hello Ben!   For a while now I have had an untested idea regarding a way to separate hydrogen from a mixture of hydrogen and other gasses, and since you seem to be interested in hydrogen, I thought I would tell you all about it.  Lucky for you to be on the receiving end of such wisdom, right?

This idea is based on the observation that hydrogen seems to diffuse through the skin of a latex balloon faster than other gasses.  Well, that's not really an observation, not a direct one, since no one has ever seen those tiny little molecules moving through the skin of the balloon, from inside the balloon to outside the balloon. 

Rather this is the story that is told to explain why the H2-filled latex party balloon shrinks in size over several hours.  You know, this big balloon starts out all big and pretty and stuck to the ceiling, but then it inevitably ends up shrunken, and shriveled,  and floating towards the floor.

According to the story, H2 molecules are just so tiny, and also very fast-moving because they have small mass, that they can diffuse through barriers much faster than other gasses.

Anyway, the idea is that one could maybe build a plumbing fitting that has part, or all, of a stretched latex balloon inside it, and that piece of latex could act as a sieve for hydrogen molecules.

I read somewhere else, a thin piece of palladium metal,
can be used for this purpose, since it dissolves hydrogen but blocks other gasses.

However latex balloons are much cheaper than palladium metal.
benmurton (author)  Jack A Lopez1 year ago
This is a very good idea, and maybe a great way of getting a high purity of hydrogen gas! At least someone is thinking in this world. I will have to try this soon and see if i can turn my explosions into more of a burn. Thing about palladium is quite interesting, a pity it isnt easy to come by.

Thanks :)
Sounds like a blast.
Do you know how a diesel engine works.
Take a combustible mix and compress it and boom the ambient heat in the gas itself is the spark.
Take the oxygen out, dissipate the ambient heat with a condenser and you can compress the hydrogen leave the oxygen in and boom.
BrandonC29 months ago

The problem starts with the purity of the hydrogen gas. If it is 96% pure then it can be compressed somewhat. When you compress it though it becomes very cold, this can cause the fittings in the tanks to crack, thus leaks. Not to mention that hydrogen boils at like negative 439 degrees. I've been trying to crack this myself but unless you live on Pluto(cold) it is very dangerous. I can't figure though, that i know some places compress it and sell it to people with a license to use it.

The better way to do this is to maybe have a constant energy source like solar or wind to store the energy in batteries for days that you have little of either and then you can make it off the battery. I have been toying with the idea of heating my house with it but i haven't quite figured out how to convert it to transfer the heat to coils or something.

Try passing the hydrogen through a CAT converter off a car... The cleaner the bester... As the HHO passes through the converter it will create H2O And Heat ... Its Also Ment To Purify the HO in the process

Kiteman1 year ago
Er, I'd say "insane".

Vyger1 year ago
your basically making a bomb.