Computer Drive Bay?

Hi all. I am looking to fill at least 2 of my 4 availible 5.26 inch drive bays in my "new" computer. I was thinking like maybe a fan comtroller... but thats a little boring for me. I want somthing really cool. I did consider a lcd... but its kind of expensive and well... just not... idk. I just dont really like that idea. I was thinking somthing lik a toaster. :D But really... i want something kool. i mean even somthing totally useless... I just wanna fill them. I did consider using 1/2/3 of them for resivours for a liquid cooling system... but thats a little hard 4 me rit now. I am on a budget. I already gotta pay lik 130-230 for a new mobo. But i still hav som monsy 2 spend on it. So, wat is the coolest 5.25 inch drive bay device u ever saw. I also have 2 3.5 inch ones for smaller things. Like floppy. :D In case ur wonderin, i hav a xion vantage case. I am usin lik 4 fans. 2 or 3 lite up. I will soon be adding cold cathodes. But anyway, u can see it in my forum topic that i will make once my pc is bak from shop. THANKS!

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sci4me (author) 6 years ago
Vyger6 years ago
The geeks one is out of stock,

Here is another

If you really want one and can't find it anywhere I have a new one sitting in a bin with my customizing stuff that I could sell you.
Vyger6 years ago
How about a cup holder?
If you open up the front so you have a three bay high space in the front of the tower you could put a custom made sea monkey tank in there, illuminate it with some LEDs & watch them play :-)
sci4me (author)  Nostalgic Guy6 years ago
lolz. kool idea.