Computer not playing sound?

Whenever I play music out of my computer, a thing keeps popping up called Realtek HD Manager saying that I've plugged something into the microphone socket! I've checked both of them (Front and back) and nothing is in them! So I disabled by going: Start > Run > 'msconfing' > Startup, then disabling it. It told me to restart my computer for the changes to work, and when I booted it up again it had no sound, so I turned it back on and rebooted the computer and it still dosen't work! And yes, I have checked all the obvious things like if the sound's muted.
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ARJOON7 years ago
first of all what operating system are you using?
NatNoBrains (author)  ARJOON7 years ago
Windows XP
Sorry, I should've put that in the description :)
go to device manager. select you sound driver and uninstall it. then click scan for hardware changes and you are up to go/
NatNoBrains (author)  ARJOON7 years ago
AND device manager is where?
my computer
right click properties-->Hardware tab-->Device Manager

Then select you sound driver and uninstall it. then click scan for hardware changes. and follow instruction that will be given to u
NatNoBrains (author)  ARJOON7 years ago
Thanks dude!
lemonie7 years ago

Fiddle with Realtek HD Manager some more.

NatNoBrains (author)  lemonie7 years ago
OK I'll try :)

I've got VIA HD Audio deck which'll do the same thing - check everything is configured and connected right because it did work before.

aelias367 years ago
That program you disabled is the sound card's driver-program-thingy. You have to re-enable it for your sound card to work.
NatNoBrains (author)  aelias367 years ago
I have re-enabled it. It doesn't work.