Concrete with bubbles?

Hello Mike, great tutorial. I am looking for a way to introduce bubbles into my casting. Like swiss cheese. Could not find a way till now. Found that air entraining agents only add invisible air bubbles. Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank you Tolga.

mikeasaurus8 months ago

Interesting problem to create bubbles, where most applications look to eliminate them. I'm not sure of a way to get great results for this.

Air entraining is a start, but for larger bubbles you could try a slightly wetter mix and whip the concrete while mixing. No idea if that would work, just a thought. There might be a chemical solution you could add to react with the concrete and create voids.

Another thought would be to add large styrofoam balls to the concrete to make a cavity. After curing you might be able to remove them, either through breaking part of the concrete and picking them out, or locating them and dissolving them with a solvent.

This would require some experimentation. I'd love to know your results to this facinating and unique idea!

I believe foam will degrade with certain chemicals, I tried to use spray paint on some Halloween "gravestones" once, and they melted/pitted nicely, but I was going to suggest heat to burn them out. The only problem I see is the staining on the concrete, and you would have to have PPE -- the fumes are not good.

ecrono (author)  Gribnif8 months ago
Thank you mike and gribnif. First of all styrofoam is a great idea to try. I nannot wait to try. Surely share my results. Gribnif styrofoam actually degrades with acetone - so the youtube says . I could not accomplish such succes yet. I begin to suspect that either styrofoams are way powerfull or acetones are too weak in my country.

Thanks again for the enlighting insights. Have a wonderful day.