Connect my circuit streight to USB port?

Can I connect a circuit streight to the USB port?
There are USB driver circuits available in the market.
Previously I used to connect my circuits to LPT port or RS232 port.
Can I connect those circuits to USB port without any other driver circuits?

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You can't connect "traditional" circuits straight to USB , anymore than you can fasten your monitor to an RS232 port.

All you need is the FTDI FT232 chip, or a board like this.
artworker (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Thanks! I also guessed so.
omid_ji6 years ago
This instrument might be useful : www.delcom-eng.com/downloads/USBIODEV.pdf
omid_ji6 years ago
Check this address : www.delcom-eng.com
Depending on what you want to do, you could also get a DIO circuit from national instruments.
lemonie6 years ago

"at least an LED" yes, there's 5V @ 100ma. Your binking is something else though.

EmmettO6 years ago
Are you just trying to power it? What kind of circuit is it? How much current does it require? If you're just powering it then maybe. If it uses 5v and less than 500ma then it should work. Some USB ports may limit their power to 100ma but it still may be enough for your circuit.
artworker (author)  EmmettO6 years ago
I want to atleast blink a LED and control its ON/OFF from my application.
frollard6 years ago
Your circuit must speak the USB protocol, or you must have a usb to serial adapter that speaks RS232 and creates a virtual com port on the computer for you to communicate with. There are some pic libraries that allow the uC to talk directly with a usb port.