Connecting to the network printer...(pics)

I've spent hours searching the internet, but not a found an answer yet.
When I use the add a printer wizard, I followed the steps as shown in the pictures below.

Everything is going great, until I see my network (MSHOME) with no printer underneath (last picture). The network printer does work for the 2 Mac computers in my house, but it won't even show up on the 2 Microsoft computers.

I need to print from the Microsoft computer (and not the Mac) because Papakuru paper-craft files ( .pdo file) can only be opened on a Microsoft computer. I really need to print the paper-craft patterns so my little brother can make a paper-craft Daft Punk Halloween mask!

My OP system is Microsoft XP, running on a Dell computer. The network printer is hooked up to a mac computer (if that matters)

Please help!!!!

Picture of Connecting to the network printer...(pics)
net 2.bmp
net 3.bmp
mwrenfro7 years ago
The Mac can share printers to the Windows systems at least three different ways, but you probably just follow these instructions for making it join your MSHOME workgroup (OS X 10.2-10.5, with slightly different instructions for 10.6), and these other instructions for making the printer show up in that workgroup (for OS X 10.5, but 10.6 instructions are probably the same).
Project Gutenberg for mswindows or cups. Apple may have stopped support for it
frollard7 years ago
Generally windows doesn't play nice with mac. Mac's these days DO tend to talk windows (as mac saw the need to fit into a society of mostly windoze users)...

I'd recommend putting the printer on the windows machine (if you can) and sharing it on the network -- the macs should see it. There's a reason they call the protocol "windows file and printer sharing" -- it doesn't listen for mac protocol.
nepheron (author)  frollard7 years ago
Thanks so much! Would you know if it's possible to convert the .pdo file into a .pdf file? It's not really feasible for me to hook the printer up to a Microsoft computer right now, but perhaps I could convert the .pdo file into something readable on a Mac?