Contest entry disappeared?

I entered my workspace into the workspace contest. I received a confirmation that it entered the contest and it showed up under the point "Recognition" in my profile. Today I checked my profile, and the recognition for the workspace contest is gone.
Do the entrys disappear once a contest is closed?

Update: I just checked the entries of the contest and couldn't even find my workspace there (I made sure to check all entries). Any idea what could have happened here?

ChrysN6 years ago
When a contest ends (the winners are announced) the instructable no longer appears under recognition. But should listed in your intructables tab. On the contest page it can still be seen under view entries (  (When sorted by recent it is on the bottom row second from right).
kelseymh6 years ago
You probably want to either post a proper bug report, or contact Staff directly (look down at the bottom of every page). Your last Instructable was published on Monday 28 February; I thought that was after the deadline for the fourth week of the Show Your Space contest.
Mike73 (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
I guess I will put in a bug report. I received an e-mail indicating that my entry was accepted and it also appeared on my profile as recognized.
I think the deadline was 2nd of March.
Mike73 (author)  Mike736 years ago
Hmm. Excuse me if I answer myself, but there is no edit button for replies already given. I just checked again, and found my entry on the first page of the entries. Sorry for the fuzz. I may have overlooked it as I a) didn't expect it on the first page and b) have checked from work where private internet is somewhat accepted but not officially allowed.