If i submit multiple entries in a contest, will they have an effect on the judging of each other asides from the fact that only one can win. Will he user be kept in mind while judging the entries or will they all be judged separately and the highest scoring one be awarded? ty

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Kiteman7 months ago

If you enter multiple projects, only one can be a finalist, so only that one project will be judged.

Judges do not look at your other projects to decide whether the one in the final should win, the finalist project is taken on its own merits.

shahryar.adil.3 (author)  Kiteman7 months ago

So, for the finalists stage, the highest scoirng one is selected?

Pretty much, yes.

If there are prizes in different categories it can get a bit complicated (some prizes are chosen directly by the sponsor, for instance), but basically all the judges give the finalists a score (without talking to each other), and the highest total wins the top prize.

shahryar.adil.3 (author)  Kiteman7 months ago

Okey, ty :)

iceng7 months ago

As a judge who I know, multiple entries will not affect your individual scoring,

unlike too many credit cards in your name can lower your FICA score..