Controlling a motor and its speed of rotation using a potentiometer and the arduino?

Me and my partner are trying to build a 2 player "game" if you will.. where each player can have their own potentiometer to control the rate of speed of the motor to do what it needs. We are new to using the arduino but are yet required to build this for a school project any help would be greatly appreciated.. It would also help if anyone knew what kind and size of motor to buy. we just need it to be able to spin a circular piece of thin plexiglass.

bwrussell5 years ago
Make sure you have the proper controllers for the motor (Motors? I'm not quite clear on if there are 2 pots and 2 motors or 2 pots and just 1 motor.) Just hooking a motor straight to the arduino could lead to the board getting cooked.
iceng5 years ago
One more motor deal.
iceng5 years ago
Here is one that can run on two 9V batteries has a gearbox that
turns at 90 RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute )..

iceng5 years ago
You can spin a disc on a old computer disc drive or take the motor out of it.
You don't say what voltage you plan to use ?
Here are some motors you can buy or
go to a hobby shop or a small radio shack toy car .