Controlling high amp motors with arduino?

Hi instructablites/instructonians/people of instructables... Despite the fact that i suck at naming things, i need to control 2 6v 3a motors, and i'd prefer to use arduino. the l293d only rates up to 1.2 amps, and i'd like to use as few components as possible. i'm relatively new to this, so please bear with my nooblishness.

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If you only want on/off then just use a couple of SPDT relays, a couple of transistors (or a ULN2803) and a couple of diodes.
Here's the relay layout. The switches on the coils should become transistors. IRL 540 mosfets are nice there too. The relay coils need a diode across them - with the marked end of thediode to the +ve supply.
dasta (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
AWESOME!!!! thanks :-) this should work
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Jayefuu5 years ago
What motors? Do you have a link to the datasheet?
dasta (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
here's the specs:
Rated voltage: 6V DC (min. 2V Max. 7.5V)
Stall current maximum 5.5A
No load current per motor is 350mA
Motor RPM is 10000 +/- 5%

the place i'm buying them from doesnt have much more info. here's the link to the product i'm getting.

the motors will be pulling quite a bit of weight, which is why i need the higher current options.
Does it have to be reversible?
dasta (author)  Awesome-aniac5 years ago
unfortunately, yes. it does.
Maybe you can just stack the l293d. Or build an h-bridge driver from scratch. I couldn't find a readily available product, but I bet there's one out there somewhere.
dasta (author)  Awesome-aniac5 years ago
awww man :-( oh well, i'm sure i can just use a series of switches. saw a design using MOSFETs. the l293d is kinda expensive here in SA. like R30. maybe by international standards, it's not that expensive, but as a broke hobbyist, it sucks.
There are other offerings from ST or Allegro that can handle 3A in one package, or you can make a discrete bridge with MOSFETS.