Controlling the speed of the ceiling fan?

I have a standard ceiling fan of which the speed can be controlled by pulling the cord. As the slowest of the three speeds is still to fast, I would like somehow to be able to lower the speed. Is there any way of doing this? The fan operates at 220V

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presting7 years ago
"Fan Speed controller" is a common item nowadays. They are made by Cooper Wiring and by Lutron (among others). Some models are continuously variable, others have a few preset stops. Models with comination light dimmer switches are also available. I got mine (a simple rotary) at Home Depot, 9.98 plus tax. I also found them online. As others have mentioned, you don't want to use a dimmer switch inteded for lights on a fan. Dimmers only lower the voltage passed through, and could cause the fan motor to stall.
Re-design8 years ago
Most dimmers are NOT to be used on motors. There is a speed control made especially for ceiling fans. Mine has 3 speeds, you can get 5 speeds though. This speed control is installed instead of the wall switch. Set your fan speed on med or slow and then your new switch will give you 3 or 5 settings at or below the speed set by the original switch.
Almost any store that sells ceiling fans will also sell these speed controls. I know the 110V versions are also available over the Internet; I presume 220V equivalents can also be found that way.
Re-design8 years ago
Are you sure it's not a 110 fan.
lemonie8 years ago
How about a TRIAC control, these things are fitted to vacuum-cleaners?

seandogue8 years ago
I'd consult the mfg first for this application, to ensure that you won't run into problems at lower speeds... I have a late 1980s Casablanca ceiling fan that has a wall-mount (replaces a standard switch unit) electronic switch/fan control that offers 9 speeds...However, I've seen many people hook fans up to dimmers. Measure the current used by the fan at all three speeds. Get a dimmer rated for at least twice as much as it uses fully loaded. Watch the control when powering up at very low speed, as the motor at speed zero is a dead short..