Converting a ATX PSU or Plugpack into a Car Charger? Is it possible and if so, how?

Be tricky, because you've no way of current limiting them.
chunkypies (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Thank you all for your help and info. Much appreciated. I'm not very techie when it comes to theses types of things, would love to be though. Ended up buying a charger/booster as i was worried that i would blow something other than the battery. Thanks again and sorry for the late reply.
Ted_lens8 years ago
It would be really hard, because the voltage needs to be up-stepped;

I suppose you are thinking about using the +12 and -ground lines of the psu for charging your car battery?  Well a 12V car battery does emit +- 12 volt, but to fully charge it, it needs to get more around 13,2-13,4 volts of juice. this is because of the internal resistance of the battery and also a fully charged car battery will emit a bit more then 12 volts. so direct charging without up-stepping wont really charge your battery that much(it would charge it to like 20% of the capacity if your lucky)
lemonie8 years ago
Not that easy. You need more than 12V to charge for a start, then as steve points out you're got some kind of current-control to think of. But see here:
guy claims to have done it
and this