Converting a bike into a 50cc moped, any advice?

 What do I do for break lights and turning signals? I'm very technical minded and good with electrical logic, but I don't know the laws/regulation surrounding that area (but I DO know they are required).
I've taken driver's training, so I know all the laws/signs ect...

I'm looking for advice from people who've done this before. Have you run into any problems? Catches? I have very little idea what is needed to make a gas powered motor to work. How to you take care of a 2-stroke 50cc engine? How do I mount it to my bike frame? should I look out for something in particular when I purchase an engine?

Oh, and I live in Michigan (if there is any notable laws here, I plan to go to the secretary of state soon)

p0tty6 years ago
wait, I answered the wrong question.
p0tty6 years ago

Thats a few wiring diagrams, if you are technically minded adding a 3 way toggle and some lights should be pretty easy.
rickharris7 years ago
Don't know about where you are but here in the UK it would need to be approved, Licenced and insured before you can ride it on the road.

In general unless you have a burning desire to do this then buying a second hand 50 cc moped seems a better bet.

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