Hi, great tutorial so far, I am a professional illustrator specialising in aeronautical illustrations and am published monthly. I use the Adobe CC suite as well as a bit of CorelDraw in my digital work but my freehand work is what I love the most and for that there simply is no better marker than Copic. I work my markers very hard on a variety of substrates and surfaces and have never had a tip failure or malfunction...best of all I can just refill them when necessary. The cost here in South Africa is a little prohibitive but I include a little fee in my invoices specifically for markers, the way I see it if I was a surgeon I would need instruments to be effective, as an illustrator I am nothing without good markers. A question I have would be which markers would you consider as the best alternative to Copic in terms of price?

Picture of Copics?
JON-A-TRON1 month ago

Dude, awesome work! The best alternaive seems to be Prismacolor. They're not much cheaper than Copic in the US, but they're much more widely available worldwide, which males me suspect they'd be cheaper in your neck of the woods.

wingnutzster (author)  JON-A-TRON1 month ago

Great thank you! I'll look out for them although I'll likely end up just going for the trusty Copics when in the art shop again lol.