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I have a copy of Windows Xp, but it is the CD that you can only use like 3 times or it is not supposed to work or install the OS. I would like to know how to get the data off the CD without using one of those times it can install the OS. I am Using a Mac and want to run bootcamp. I saw this for PCs  and I wonder if it helps you answer my question?

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How do you know you can only use it three times?
I have worked in IT for quite a few years & have often heard people say things like this about Windows installation disks.
In fact I often heard similar things about Windows 3.1 setup floppy disks about 20 years ago.
No one has as yet explained to me a couple of things about how this is supposed to work.
The first thing that occurs to me is how does the disk know how many times it has been used? Windows distribution disks are not rewritable so it's not like a marker could be added to the disk particularly back in the early days of XP when many machines still did not have CD writers let alone re- writers.
Also in the event that you are unfortunate enough to have to rebuild your machine more than three times how are you supposed to repair your machine a forth time? after all you would not be breaking any licensing agreement if you are simply reinstalling on the same machine several times.
I believe that this idea has come about because of the way Microsoft manage their online activation; sometimes & I do stress SOMETIMES when a machine is rebuilt using the same key more than two or three times the activation would fail & you will be prompted to call a Microsoft service desk number, I have done it myself several times & all they ever want to confirm is that the OS is not being used on multiple machines; I have never had a problem getting the necessary code from them to get the activation to work.
I have Windows XP disks I have used dozens of times to rebuild & repair machines without a problem, all the machines had their own licence key which was for the particular distribution of Windows so no licensing laws were broken & at the end of the day it is the licence key that is the important thing as far as licensing goes, I have used this method for every version & distribution of Windows since the mid 90's without any issues.
I have also made backup copies of my installation disks particularly ones that I knew I would be using a lot, I hasten to add these are not pirated disks they are backups of disks I have bought & paid for either out of my own pocket or for companies I have worked for so they were simply working copies of disks that had been legitimately purchased & are only ever used on machines that carry a valid licence, many people who do the same kind of work as myself will make copies of regularly used disks to protect the original from damage in repeated use, in fact some of my disks have never actually been used for an installation as I have always used the backup copy.
Before I start an argument about copyright I would like to add that some countries or states may have different laws regarding making backups so it may be worth your time checking that out too.
If I were you providing there are no laws where you live prohibiting backup copies I would go ahead & make a backup of your disk & not worry about it, as long as you only use it on a machine you have a valid Windows licence for you should not have any problem at all.
jbaker22 (author)  Nostalgic Guy5 years ago
I am assuming that the disk can only be used 3 times. I had a windows recovery cd that could only be used 3 times and Midtown Madness has the same thing. I want to copy the paid for version a friend let me borrow. Coping a paid for product is legal. I hope there is an easy way to do this. I also have windows 3.1 on a 1990's laptopNostalgic Guy BTW.
As I said before in over twenty five years of working with computers (I was programming CNC's when the only windows in the office were in the wall & operated with a handle) I have NEVER come across a limited use CD/DVD installation disk.
To be clear it is only a paid for version for YOUR USE if YOU paid for it, if you copy a friends & use that it is technically a pirate copy of the disk even if you have your own licence key.
Giving a copy to someone else is not legal, that's why they have this product-key / registration business.

The limit your thinking about it the number of times the serial number can be registered. Often after one use the online registration bounces back and won't let you register the installation. So all you do is call up MS and tell the operator you had to replace an item or 2 and where forced to re install windows onto the machine and they will give you a code to type into the system that will activate the install for you.
jbaker22 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Do you know if it is legal to rent a game, copy it then, play it for my own enjoyment?
It is NOT legal to copy a game. Its called video game piracy and its steeling.
astroboy9075 years ago
First of all, as NG says above, mosts disks are unlimited use, EXCEPT for the licence numbers. I run bootcamp on my computer, and got the licence number from my old pc I threw away. Still not entirely sure its legal, so insight on that would be appreciated, from you EULA readers out there :)