Correct Wiring of a Rotary Switch

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could advise on the correct way to wire up a pair of 4 way rotary switches.

Similar to these https://www.amazon.co.uk/SZW26-20-D505-5-Universal-Change-Combination/dp/B00A8ZEXDC

There is no common live it just makes an connection between terminals 1&2 in pos 1, then 3&4 in pos 2 etc

Its to switch between 4 fixed speeds on a pair of 1ph centrifugal fans in my workshop, they will be placed in an enclosure and require 4 live connections each, do I just run a the main live into terminal 1 and bridge that into the other 3 or should the wire be split prior to connection, as in 4 individual wires?

On UK mains 230v, low amps, 4 max

Does not really matter how you split the live wire.
Start at 1, jump to 3 and so on.
This way you made the "common ground" for all contacts - just pay attention that you won't use some NO contacts.
Also measure if the switch really opens the first contact before closing the second.

Each fan I presume has 4 taps on it ? Can you post the required connections ?

Squibo (author)  steveastrouk13 days ago

Sorry yes the fan has 4 seperate live connections, the wIring diagram can be found herhere, it's a million times better than any arrest I could make :)


It depends on your switch greatly I'm afraid.