Could I use a 550w PSU as a welder instead of two microwave transformers?

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twillers8 years ago
 rich-moe ur kinda right, but mostly wrong, sorry. welding can be done on either ac or dc. the reason that people use microwave transformers is they have no current limiting. this means you can short them out (which is what you do when u strike an arc). psus are 1- overrates, they wont be able to handle continous 500wats 2- curent limited. try shorting out your psu and it will shut down- possibly so quickly that the spark will be tiny. if you want to make a homemade welder, use a mot, or buy a cheap welder
bylerfamily8 years ago
It would work if you could bypass the fuse in the case.
Ahavah8 years ago
iv also been looking at making a welder from old 230V PSU and as far as i can see, the PSU puts out 30A along the 12V leads so if you connect them in series they should technically work with like 2 or 3 in series, thats if they don't burn out.
rich_moe8 years ago
The idea behind making a welder out of microwave transformers is that you want amperage, not voltage. Alternating Current (AC, what comes out of the wall plug) works well, and microwave transformers are heavy-duty enough to handle the almost dead short that happens when welding rod completes the circuit. Not only that, but the idea and concept are simple (a few easily accessable parts, simple construction, relatively safe) PSU's convert the wall voltage to DC, and won't have the 'juice' to melt welding rod and heat up the surrounding metal, plus maintain the plasma arc.
lemonie8 years ago
Don't try - it's likely to break. L