Could Spock become a Jedi?

I know Star Wars and Star Trek are in a different time, galaxy, etc., but hypothetically, could Spock (or any Vulcan for that matter) become a Jedi? The reason I ask is because I am under the impression that Jedi must be able to use their feelings and instincts in order to use the force. Vulcans bury their emotion and generally avoid acting on instincts and intuition, because it's not...logical. Therefore, I believe Vulcans would have great difficulty becoming a Jedi. Spock, however, is part human and part Vulcan, so wouldn't he make the ultimate Jedi? His Vulcan part would make him technically sound, and his human part would make his emotions/instincts present, but not overwhelming, right?


Live long and prosper and may the force be with you. :)

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