Could someone tell me, how to run this motor (picture)???

Hello ... on the picture you can see a motor, that has 4 pins. I would like to make it run, but I don't know how. I don't know, if it's a brushless or brushed motor. There are no number, no part number ... and I think = I'm not sure, there is no magnet as well (I made a test with needle, but it didn't attract the needle).

In my poor knowledge ... normal brushed motor has 2 pins, and all the brushless I saw, had 3 pins. but  I never saw a 4 pin motor. Any ideas ???

Thank you (in advance) for your help.

Picture of Could someone tell me, how to run this motor (picture)???
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It is definitely a stepper motor. The different contacts into the motor are given polarity based on which direction the motor is wanted to turn.
zholy (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
I think you right ... thanks to your Wiki link ... it open my eyes (wow) ... I never heard about this kind of motors - something new to me.
Sometimes things get complicated.
But you'll figure it all out if you have time, patience, and a DMM.
zholy (author) 8 years ago
Thank you all for your answers - you really helped me. According to this page it is a BIPOLAR STEPPER MOTOR ... and I will need a microcontroller to run it :( 

Thank you ALL again ... I appreciate it.

lemonie8 years ago
What did this come out of?

zholy (author)  lemonie8 years ago
It 's from a video camera...
lemonie zholy8 years ago
It's the lens-drive then?
I'll go with the rest of them on a stepper, but it helps to know.


Stepper motor ? Are there two pairs of wires ?
zholy (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
Yes, there a 2 pairs = 4 wires going in the motor. Although you can see 6 lines/wires, but the 2 on the ends going nowhere.
Four terminals does sound like stepper. Could also be something that's a straight motor but that has a speed measurement contact, but that strikes me as less likely.
I'm looking at that leadscrew assembly attached to it and thinking stepper/position thingy.
vinacarv8 years ago
I saw a 4 contact dc motor once. They were marked +, - , A and B, in this order. + and - were to power it, and A and B were linked to a trimpot that rated its rpm (in its label was writen 2000~4000rpm, and it made a K7 tape spin, so i think i has to be "tuned").

Try powering two leads. =)