Could u plz gimme the use of IC CS9370DGP?

1stly i went to purchase the IC MT8870 for dtmf decoder..he gav me dis cs9370DGP nd said disz is new one nd it works like MT8870..bt i got a doubt whether it works vth the circuit built using MT8870..plz kindly gimme some suggestions..
if possibl plz provide me the circuit for mobil control robot using cs9370DGP..

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Its a pretty well pin for pin clone of the Mt8870
The datasheet here for the 9370 

compared to the 8870
lemonie6 years ago

"he gav me dis cs9370DGP"
Who, and did you ask him for the circuit for mobil control robot using cs9370DGP?

+1. diz is hard work.
iz not
. iz 2