Could you use Mastic as a wall texturing stuff?

I love mastic, it's affordable at 3 Gallons for $34.00.  It has a consistency like cream cheese or frosting, dries rock hard and is easy to clean up and work with.   So...  could I use it as a wall texturing compound?

Thanks for any clues

foobear (author)  mpilchfamily1 year ago
Cool. Really, the answer is that simple?
Ninzerbean1 year ago
No, it's too rubbery, use joint compound, it won't break off if you hit it with something down the road and it is MEANT to have paint on top of it. Mastic is meant to have groat on top.
foobear (author)  Ninzerbean1 year ago
I dunno, the mastic I've been using is not the least bit rubbery - it cures harder than rock.