Could you weld with an induction cooker?

Having seen the microwave transformer welding kit and similar projects I started wondering about this one... Induction cookers are basically one side of a transformer and usually just dissipate current in to the pot to heat up the pot. But they've a high number of coils and I've seen them rated at 3000 watts, so if you made a coil that was a few turns of thick wire to be the other side of the transformer you'd possibly be able to have a huge current low voltage supply similar to the microwave oven welder. I imagine there'd be safety devices that may need disabled but the idea of your oven being a welder seems cool to me, especially if someone had a need to weld often and their kitchen was through to their garage.

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we have an induction furnace at work. We use it to help melt our precious metals. I would imagine that this may help with fusion welding if you required a small area of the metal to heat up. The worry would be the safety aspect of dangerously high voltage or the resulting heat may not able to be dispersed easily enough and you'll overheat.
killerjackalope (author)  Building Books8 years ago
Hmm see the thing is I'm thinking of using the induction plate with a second coil on top of it but and induction furnace is also a cool idea that'd probably work if the cooker was powerful enough. Welding directly by induction could be good but I imagine you'd need the power concentrated way more than an induction hob...
chriskarr8 years ago
I doubt that you could weld with an induction heater and, even if you could, you wouldn't get a very good weld. First off, how would you get the filler rod in there? Secondly, once you got the metal molten, it would just drip, whereas with electricity the metal is only molten in one place, so it stays solid. You could NOT localize it at all. I recommend mod-ing some MOTs. It would be much easier, even if not as fun of a project.
killerjackalope (author)  chriskarr8 years ago
I don't mean welding by induction, rather using the induction heater as a primary coil...
lemonie8 years ago
Probably, give it a go? L
killerjackalope (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Don't have one, or I would have by now...