Creating A Simple Eye Writer Using OpenCV?

hello guys , i am trying to Create A Simple Eye Writer Using OpenCV or EmguCV? but i am still new to both of them , and i dont know how i will begin and finish this project , so i was looking for someone that could help me solving this problem , the simple eye writer is a bout a webcam constructed with glasses for us to ware and to detect the eye and know where it is looking , just want the position of the pupil of the eye , and i will do the rest , will create a form made with 2 or 4 buttons , when we look at one of them , it should be pressed , please i need help now more than ever ...
thank you 

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There are many different software packages available for eye tracking. Find one that works for you and move on with your project.
Ahmed-LifeSmiler (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
thanks for your reply , i appreciate it . but i was looking just for the programming , not for the hardware , it is my final year project at the university , so if there is a source code or a project from here or there you can find , i would be so thankful ...
thanks again for your comments ... =)
Look at the instructable in my other post. There you will find a link to the open source software which you can mess around with and use as a template for your project.
Ahmed-LifeSmiler (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
iam Very Very Sorry , but i am lost , could you post the link , i know that i bothered you , but please forgive me ...
You may want to contact the owner of the istructable to get more information.

Ahmed-LifeSmiler (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
ok , thanks a lot , thanks for your time ... =)
Just found this for you. It's not creating your own but it's open source code so you can use it as a building block for whatever system you want to create.