Creating a digital video camera from scratch?

As challenging as this sounds, I know it is entirely possible. Using spare parts of cameras, with circuit boards, image sensors, lenses, etc... how would one even begin approaching this task? I would imagine there'd be some programming involved thereafter as well.

rickharris5 years ago
I have seen somewhere a compact digital camera re-boxed in a wooden case so I guess it is possible.
canucksgirl5 years ago
Technically, its not created 'from scratch' if you are taking parts from various cameras and assembling them as a new camera. Whether its possible depends on the parts as some may be compatible, whereas others (ie mixing different brands) may not work at all together... Without more information/details of the parts, its really hard to say.
blkhawk5 years ago
If you "know that it is entirely possible", why don't you make an Instructable and publish it? You seem to know everything that is needed!