Cutting an Aluminium Case Replace With Glass?

I am trying to do a resident evil cosplay I want a case with a clear lid to transport the "viruses" inside but I cant find anything online with a clear lid at least for a cheap price, What tools would I need to cut the aluminium lid and what kind of glass or plastic should I use and what would be the best way to attach it

Heres The Link to the case am looking at

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rickharris3 months ago

Well, Acrylic is easy to cut with normal woodworking tools and reasonable priced.

Polycarbonate would be less liable to scratch but more costly.

Glass will be very fragile and you need a cheap glass cutter or better get it cut to size by the supplier. If you make a template the right size they will cut to that template.

Mac yet more irish (author)  rickharris3 months ago

Thank you, Do you have an suggestions for cutting slots into the foam to hold the "Vials" I found someone that sells small cheap little vials of the "virus" because all the sprial classic vials are all super expensive for just one

Use a long box cutter plastic held knife extended it does foam very well !

rickharris iceng3 months ago

+1 it works.

Cut through the lid with a dremel or with metal shears.

or a jig saw with the finest blade you can find.