DC to DC Convertor?

Does anybody have a circuit that is able to turn solar power from a solar panel (preferably 1 watt) to make enough juice to recharge an iPad?

The iPad requires 10 watts of power to charge.

I wanted too use Adafruit's mintyboost but I don't think that has enough power to charge the iPad.

Any suggestions?

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If you want 10W from the charger, you need slightly more than 10W from the panel - nothing you can do can create more energy than you put in. All you could do is use a 1W panel to charge a battery, so that IT can be used to charge the Ipad - but if you need 10W for 1 hour to charge the Ipad, you'll need 12-14 hours of charging to get enough energy in the battery to do the job

blinkyblinky (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
What if I have an 18 volt panel?
Can it deliver 10Watts ?
blinkyblinky (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
600 miliamps.
10 W under full sun conditions - what's actually practical ? Usually less than half that on average (in the UK, its a LOT worse than that !)
I'm pretty sure the ipad is one of those annoying ones that won't even accept the power if it's not available to flow at 10w...it just won't accept a trickle charge.
blinkyblinky (author) 6 years ago
I need a cheaper solution than a 12 watt panel.
CameronSS6 years ago
If you need 10 watts, you need 10 watts, and 1W isn't going to do it.

A DC-DC converter changes DC voltage. You can increase voltage with a corresponding drop in available amperage, or decrease voltage with the opposite effect, but watts are power, volts times amps. Watts into a DC-DC mostly equal watts out, ignoring the efficiency loss.

In other words, you need to add power. If you need 10W to charge an iPad, you need a 10W (or greater) supply. Get a 10W solar panel, hook up ten 1W solar panels, hook it up to a bicycle generator, but you can't increase power with a just a circuit.