Hey guys,  I have been thinking, and I am going to build some solar speakers.  Now this is not my first time building solar speakers, so I know how to wire everything.  The only difference is this time I want to want to build my own amplifier.  I want to build a 2 channel 60-80watt amplifier.  I haven't found any schematics online that are similar to those, and I would want to wire in an off switch, a volume knob, a bass knob, and a treble knob.  Also, I would want to wire in an 3.5MM jack at the minimum.  If anybody could help me with some schematics and a list of parts, that would be wonderful.  Also, if anyone knows how, is it possible to wire a USB port onto here that will not only charge the device, but would also play music from the device to the amp.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Athelestan (author) 4 years ago
Is there a certain one that works considerably better than the others that might have a parts list and somewhat of instructions? This is my first time, and thank you guys for all the help!
Athelestan (author)  Athelestan4 years ago
Also, if it was efficient as possible, because this will be running off solar/battery power
Perhaps if you read better what Steve pointed out for you.

120 Watts of solar electric energy
is LOT of POWER....

Athelestan (author)  iceng4 years ago
yes I know that, take in mind that is the max power, and I will be having a lot of batteries. Also, I will rarely be running the speakers on full volume..
Sorry to be yelling.

If your first time the transistor version is more understandable
for a beginner.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays :)
Athelestan (author)  iceng4 years ago
No problem, sorry for being unknowledgable haha, happy holidays!
A 2 channel 60 W amp is 2, 1 channel 60W amps. There are dozens of circuits for those.

Here's one simple one, based on the TDA 2052

Here's a discrete amp (made of transistors)

If "a solar speaker" is one powerered by solar panels, you need a lot of panels to run 120 W of speaker at full power, and you should aim to use a class D amp, for the best efficiency.
You couldn't find any 60-80 watt amp schematics online???

Sure you may not find a simple schematic that already gives you a 3 band equalizer built in. You'll have to find a separate schematic for that which isn't hard to do. Adding an on/off switch and headphone jack is pretty straight forward.

Adding USB on the other hand... There are plenty of small USB soundcard devices on the market. Buy 1 and splice a wire from the output 3.5mm jack on the device to your amp. Then splice a pair of wires from the power pins on the USB plug and run that to whatever charging circuit your using.
rickharris4 years ago
How many options do you need?