DIY Electrostatic Spray Gun?

I heard about a new product, but it appears to be only available in Europe and South America (what the...?):
Sounds like it uses technology similar to powder coating, but with spray paint. Has anyone used this thing? Does it work? Is it something that could be home-built?

You can buy real electrostatic guns for around 100 USD from Harbor Freight

titangym6 years ago
This gun You can build with transformer form old CRT Monitor, paint is no needed to be in spray, but you need to use copressed air from small air compressor and liquid paint but be aware of high voltage and to have electrostatic paint - some paints don't react with machine. Also google there is patent for this gun on web so you can look.
blkhawk7 years ago
What! Why haven't we heard of something like this in the US? Wonderful product!