DIY Minor Explosive

Does anyone know of any under the sink materials to make small explosives out of.

I have looked on the internet and found kn03 and all that stuff and stump remover and stuff but I can't get that now.

I am looking for an answer like, Mix some alcohol with bleach, put it on a towel to dry. Then mix it with (fill in blank) and let it dry again. The cut the towel and it is explosive powder. 

I know that recipe is fake but that is the kind of thing I am looking for.

I am not going to hurt somebody. I am just interested in pyro stuff and have been trying a few things but it is kind of hard to do it right.

Please help! 

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Put a can of beans on a fire without punching holes for venting!! It will make a big bang and put out your fire!! Win Win if you ask me!!:)

sf49ers3 years ago

potassium, sugar, and 2 lighter gas cans.

kelseymh3 years ago

There are books (remember those?) available, even in PDF form on the Internet, which provide recipes for pyrotechnics. However, your denials not withstanding, explosives are inherently destructive and dangerous. If you do not have the requisite skill, or someone else skilled with whom you can work directly (face to face!), you are quite likely to remove fingers, limbs, or internal organs (yours or somebody else's) as part of your learning process.

waterrocketexpert (author)  kelseymh3 years ago

Guys. Do you really think I can blow off my finger with estes rocket engines powder. I want to make something similar but with stuff at home.

Can someone provide me with a recipe rather than trying to discourage me. Because your discouragements just make me try harder to get something bigger.

You didn't provide specifications of what you wanted. Indeed, you were quite evasive. There was a whole project and recipe in a recent edition of MAKE magazine for making solid-fuel rocket engines. If that is actually what you want, that article might be just what you need to get going. Otherwise, look for good recipes for black powder on firearms enthusiast sites.

sf49ers3 years ago

watch burn notice, you'll likely get some ideas ;)

waterrocketexpert (author) 3 years ago

Thanks for the help everyone but I really want just a simple recipie. The best I have done so far is take apart about 7 estes d engines and light it with a fuse. I want something similar but want to make it at home. I am not talking about dry ice. And yes I do make water rockets for 4 years.

I would stick with co2 powered stuff, dry ice/compressed gas. It leaves no residue, you can pop your bottles or shoot your potatoes and still not become a person of interest.

Getting arrested for manufacturing explosives can come back to haunt you when you are trying to get a job that pays more than cleaning toilets.

rickharris3 years ago

1. Depending on where you lie searching for this type of thing these days may get a man in a uniform knocking on your door.

2. Like most of life making explosives is inherently dangerous - I don;t know you or your skill level or your end intentions so I am not willing to pass on the necessary information.

3. Study some chemistry, wen your ready and have the skill set to do this you will know how BUT probably won't want to.

So I guess you want more explosions in your life.

One way to achieve this might be to build yourself a potato gun, and I think there some instructables on this topic, here:

A search for 'ibles on this topic seemed to me to turn up more meaningful results than a search on "bomb" or "explosive".

But I think maybe the potato gun will give you what you want. I mean, potato guns are dangerous, and they go BOOM real good, and there opportunities for unintentionally injuring yourself, or others.

Of course guns and explosions are related. Actually, a gun is a device that focuses an explosion in one direction, and I picked up that little piece of wisdom from something I read in a Chuck Palahniuk novel.


jkimball3 years ago

Based on your profile, I'm going to say that you want something a little more explosive than the "popits" you've been using.

I won't give you any fire based explosive recipes, and I will warn you that most of the "stump remover" explosive recipes from the anarchists cookbook and other ebooks is WRONG and DANGEROUS. So don't try them, you'll get inconsistent results and either get a disappointing puff of smoke or lose a finger. Or both.

You mentioned mixing things with bleach- I think you may be referring to producing Potassium Chlorate. Don't try it. It also makes Chlorine Gas, AKA the poison gas that was banned by the Geneva convention because it was a horrible way to die.

Based on your name, I assume you are at least passingly familiar with pressurized water. You can make some impressive and dangerous bombs with that, so be careful. If you are careful, you can try this:

You can buy Dry Ice at Walmart.

Hopefully this will satisfy you so you don't blow your fingers off or kill yourself and your neighborhood with toxic gas.