DIY mini thumb drive?

Does anyone know how to take a regular USB thumb drive, and convert it into a mini one? I am on a laptop and would not like to have a long stick coming out of it so that if i hit it by accident it will break i was curious to see if i could unsolder the USB plug-in and take the board so that it would be cut off just enough to make a mini USB? Yes, I do know that i can just buy one....but whats instructables without DIY? :D Thanks all! :)

flamesami7 years ago
perhaps you could take it apart, then put the board back on, but sideways
so insteadof a normal thumb drive( -- -) you have it like  | -
(the - represents the bit you put in the pc ) ( the -- and the | represent the board)
AndyGadget8 years ago
And what's Instructables without a search function?? Type USB drive into the box top right and you'll find all sorts of possible housings, although your limiting factor is going to be the size of the PCB in your thumbdrive case. Gently pry it apart and you may find the board is a fair bit smaller than the case.