DIY radiator design considerations?

I plan to build a radiator for a room. I can do the physics i.e. heat transfer etc. My question is really to any heating engineers out there:
Are there any design considerations that I need to include so that the new radiator does not upset the existing central heating system (that heats the whole house).

Thanks in advance.

mrlennie6 years ago
Make it how you like as long as you fit shut off valves to each end so you can restrict or block flow, that way if you find your rad taking up too much of the pumps water you can restrict it so the water goes to your other rads. It's called "balancing"
Re-design7 years ago
I assume that the system is already hot water?

Any added output you add to the system will create a drop by atleast that value in the total output of the rest of the system so if there are any areas already marginal then they will become more so unless you make other adjustments.
alexhalford (author)  Re-design7 years ago
OK, thanks.
To be honest, I meant something more along the lines of size of tubing / volume of radiator etc.
Gee, you want me to engineer your system when the only data you've given is

1. it heats the whole house
2. it's a radiator that you want to build
3. it's existing.

Talk about high expectations.