DIY version of this bag?

Roxy Vagabond Crossbody Purse

t looks easy enough but I'm terribly without a guide, or pattern. Any ideas? Thanks so much.

(I know its suppose to be do it yourself, but i guess I'm a WOPDIF,  watch other people do it first) 

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lizzyastro5 years ago
For more detail on the method Kiteman suggests look at my playmat/toybag 'ible but make it much smaller - maybe about 18" diameter circle?
Kiteman5 years ago
I think it's just a circle, hemmed, with the cord/handle threaded through eyelets that pull it closed.
Kiteman Kiteman5 years ago
(Like this)
bag pattern.jpg

Yes. You could make it like that, and if you used "fusible interfacing" around the top "hem" and the straps, you won't have to sew anything. (Fusible interfacing is sandwiched between folded fabric and ironed in place).

See Kiteman, 3rd sammy reference. ;)
Haha, go and eat something before you start sucking the crumbs out of your keyboard!

(In the UK, the interfacing has a lot of names; wonderweb, bondaweb, or just "hemming tape".)
You know your hungry when the crumbs start looking yummy. :P