Hey guys i am intrested in electronics and robotics. i studied electronics. Now i want to study robotics. I live in India, Kerala. I studied craft and some paperwork myself. I started building spurt robots with the help of projects in instructables. I created an arduino robot looking at chicken parmi's instructable. I want to create a robot with my own ideas so i decided to go to a robotic class and study and make. I searched robotic classes in Kerala but i couldnt find one. There was one but it was over early in summer vaccation. I need a regular class so please help me to find one.

blkhawk4 years ago
I subscribed to a Youtube channel from a Hindu university. Although it is mostly electronics, some concepts might be helpful for you.
irshad.irha2 years ago
All the information you need is online. In your other question you ask about making Wall-e with an Arduino. So start with the Arduino web site and start learning how to program and use the Arduino. Then you'll learn to add motor controllers and can grow your idea for a robot from there. Maybe even invest in one of the many Arduino robot building platforms.