DS lite having black screen. But green power light can power on. F1 and F2 fuse ok. what else to check


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when putting ds back together, leave the top right (gold) screw out on the back, then test. This was the problem for me as it pinched both th wire and ribbon together, not shorting it but causing it to look like its freezing befoe it switches on. hope it helps
tonka188 years ago
Its been dropped a few times but has never stopped playing & the only moisture its ever had is when 1 of the games require you to blow. 
lemonie8 years ago
Some people like guessing what the problem is (usually water-related), but if you want a good answer you need to say how it got broke. L
lol, I couldn't have said it better. In twenty some years of engineering and troubleshooting equipment, it has always amazed me how my "customers", whether a professor or someone less educated, always says something's broken and can I fix it or tell them what's wrong, but they never seem to want to say what happened just before it failed. I could give a crap if they knocked over their beer, smacked it into a wall while walking and staring at a cute chick (don't ask), or feel asleep and drooled on the keybd...I just need to know what led up to the failure...time is money, so they say, and you can't economically fix something with only post-mortum symptoms. Unless of course, they want to pay my $100/hr consulting fee... ;)
seandogue8 years ago
It all depends...what happened prior to the screen going blank? was liquid spilled on it? Was it dropped? did it just stop working? More info please.