DVD player from a computers dvd player?

I have a dvd player from a  dismantled computer tower, is it at all possible to make convert it into a working dvd player i could hook up to a tv?

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Vyger6 years ago
A computer DVD drive is just a bare player. It has no tuner or any kind of software or hardware to interpret what it reads. Even for a computer to display TV shows it needs to have a TV tuner card. You need circuitry that can interpret the signals and convert them into a format that a TV can understand. That is what a VCR or DVD player do. Not just read the drive but convert the signal into one that can be used. Otherwise all you have is digital noise.
embochner (author)  Vyger6 years ago
oh ok thanks a lot...is there anything useful to do with the dvd drive?
Vyger embochner6 years ago
If it's still working you can save it as a spare as they do go bad after a few years.
iPodGuy6 years ago
Simple answer - you can't.

See Kipkay's ible that uses the laser diode from a dvd to make a burning laser.

Also, you can get two sturdy metal rails and two or three little dc motors.
embochner (author)  iPodGuy6 years ago
ok cool thanks