Damn... I just want to quit instructables. How or where do I go to do this simple thing????

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Vyger7 months ago

Well if it's an addictive type problem, like in "I just can't stop myself from posting stuff" you could form a support group, "Instructables Anonymous " . Might be able to form local chapters if you get many many members.

Hi, my name is Vyger, and I am an addict. I just can't stop my fingers from dancing all over the keyboard at all hours of the day.

rickharris Vyger7 months ago

We understand your problem. Were as it isn't curable, perhaps we can help you make "progress" through your problems.

Trouble is one you realise you CAN make something you just want to make more.

A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

About 90 % of the things I imagine is as far as they get, but eventually you realise you dont need to actually build EVERYTHING. Sometimes the design process is enough to satisfy the craving.

The problem is most people never get the chance to talk about their ideas, dreams, designs with anyone like minded, who understands this is conceptual and may never get to manufacture.

In days gone by, (the 1960's), I imagined automatic cars that would arrive after you put an ID card in a local input. 3d Kitchen drawings formed from photographs of standard kitchen units developed from 2 d plan drawings, power generation from tilting boards that could harvest energy from the walking masses or from passing traffic, most of production being taken over by robots and many other things that from me have never seen the light of day but are now being considered as serious ideas.

Ah the joys of design and making.

rickharris8 months ago

Just DON'T come again.

A link at the bottom of the page, "contact", will allow you to request deletion of your account.

If you still keep coming back and this disturbs you then although I am no medical expert I suggest counselling for compulsive maker syndrome. - It gets us all.

Maybe he is annoyed by the links showing up in Google too when searching for an Instructable?

Kiteman8 months ago

Just stop visiting. If you don't want the emails, hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email.

iceng8 months ago

You want money ?

Doesn't everyone?