Dc motor for a stair climbing wheel chair?

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iceng20 days ago

A 3 phase 1/6 HP AC induction right angle reduction gear drive motor and a Sumitomo inverter lets you potentiometer speed control and is readily reversible.

Go and try the wheel chair on the hills along Ananthapur-Tadipatri Road.

Toga_Dan20 days ago

good idea, jithin. An ac motor most likely means plugging it into a wall outlet.

rickharris27 days ago

Need LOTS of details and specifications before meaningful help can be given.

Seems people these days expect that we polish and use our crystal balls on a daily base LOL

I use this a lot. :-)

iceng27 days ago

Welcome newbie !

First, you will need at least two DC 3-5 HP motors with gear boxes.

Second, Ignore that amazon Baldor motor it is 3 phase AC and terribly over priced for a 10HP machine which could be acquired for under $1000...

iceng iceng26 days ago

This one needs more motors and acceleraometers too.

-max-27 days ago