Dell Inspiron 1501 audio issues!! PLEASE? HELP ME!!!!!

Hi all. I bought my Dell Inspiron 1501 about ..... 2-3 years ago... its WELL out of waranty. So, about 5 months ago, i got sick of win vista, so i uninstalled that and installed win xp. Ok fine. So, the first and MOST IMPORTANT issue is that the audio doesnt work... i dont even see a little speaker/volume thing in the system tray. This laptop has a built in audio adapter and built in speakers. The audio simply doesnt work. I tried to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and it wont let me play because of the audio thing..., it says something like.. Gta San Andreas cannot detect any installed audio adapter or something like that. So, PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE HHHEEELLLPPP MMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS LAPTOP TO WORK PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX.

BobS6 years ago
I have the exact same laptop. Got rid of Vista only 2 months after buying. Indeed, Dell provides a large package of XP drivers. had similar problems, but after installing the XP drivers, everything has been running smoothly ever since!

verence6 years ago
Dell has a quit good support.

Found this: for you after searching for Inspiron 1501, Windows XP, Audio Driver, according to Dell, it's a driver for 'SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio'
Vyger6 years ago
They are correct about getting the drivers from Dell. When you get on their web site use your service tag to identify your computer. Once you get to the support page you should download all the XP drivers for all your components. In theory the ones on Dells site will be the best and most current so even if the install did put in a correct driver you should still upgrade/update them. Copy all the drivers to a special folder, one that you can remember, and if you need to reinstall later they will be on hand for you.
audreez6 years ago
go to dell support website, download audio drivers for your model of laptop (there should be instructions)