Dell inspiron mini 10 / 10v bad points?

 I'm thinking about purchasing a Dell inspiron mini 10 / 10v for Christmas to use as an educational aid (typing up coursework, research etc).
I am wondering if anybody knows the bad points about it (I already know the good ones plus the specs).
I have read that the trackpad is a problem with the inbuilt buttons.
I am fairly technologically inclined so I will have no problems installing a new OS (OS X perhaps? (-; ) so the only issues I will have will be the ergonomics. I have read reviews where they say the battery life isn't brilliant, is this true or have they just hammered the poor thing whilst testing?

Any netbook recommendations for around the same price (250 GBP).

Thanks in advance

<Z> not stolen ;-)

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Sandisk1duo7 years ago
the CPU is really slow, even if it says it's 1.6GHZ, it's slower then a 1.2GHZ desktop
Im thinking about getting one within the next 2 months. Iv read quite a bit of reviews on it and it has its ups and downs DOWNS - mouse jumps when your typing -small trackpad/ keyboard - slow internet UPS - Inexpensive - lots of hard drive space/ memory (for its size) - good Intel processor (can be upgraded) - lightweight - wifi if u just want it for research papers and typing, its your kind of computer :)
guyfrom7up7 years ago
well another thing in adition to the buttons is that the trackpad is pretty dang small
neivadan7 years ago
ya why not try em at all just upgrade ti after u buy ti but it and trust me ti will be radical